Lancelin Back Beach

1 hour and 20 minutes from Perth is a great learn to surf spot, and perfect on hot days when Easterly winds are blowing. The Back beach at Lancelin is usually uncrowded, and if you have a 4WD you can park right up at the breaks on the beach.

Kids and beginners will find fun, long whitewater rides (at times up to 50m) on the shifting sandbars that form along the beach.

The best waves are usually directly in front of the car park, with smaller waves north heading towards the water tower.
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Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo beach
If you are in the northern suburbs and don’t want to drive to Lancelin, Mullaloo Beach periodically has punchy, dumping waves over shallow sandbars.

However, beginners can easily catch whitewater waves when the waves are big (generally in Autumn and Spring), or try catching green waves during high tides and smaller wave days. In the afternoons when the sea breeze is blowing, surfing the wind waves are also an option, but watch out for kite surfers as the are has become a popular launching location.

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Scarborough Beach

Scarborough beach
The popular and at times very crowded surf spots at Scarborough Beach can be good for kids and beginner surfers on the many small waves and light Easterly wind days.

As the waves tend to break on the shifting sandbars, its best early morning or late afternoon when tides are more favourable, otherwise be prepared to get up quickly for a quickly closing out ride.

Although Scarborough is always crowded with surfers, sunbathers and swimmers, head south to Brighton Beach which usually has friendlier rolling waves which are more enjoyable for the beginner.

Although the beach is only serviced by buses, it has a number of surf shops and cafes nearby to make this place an enjoyable place to learn.

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Secret Harbour Beach

Secret Harbour beach
One of the best learn to surf spots in the Perth region, the popular Secret Harbour Beach often has broader sandbars and slower breaking waves than the steep, plunging waves found north on Perth beaches.

As a result, the beach is good for all board types – boogie boards to short boards to mals.

This beach stretches all the way to Mandurah in the south and on bigger days you can simply walk a couple of hundred metres down the beach to find smaller friendlier waves.

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Pyramids Beach

Pyramids beach, Mandurah
1.5 hours south of Perth, Pyramids Beach near Mandurah can be good for learning to surf as the waves are usually small over sandbanks formed due to the Dawesville Channel and surrounding reefs.

Here beginners and kids alike can catch short whitewater rides or on small wave days with higher tides its possible to catch green waves for a short ride.

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