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Great beginner and learn to surf beaches near Perth, WA

Date: March 5, 2016

Lancelin Back Beach

Lancelin Back Beach 1 hour and 20 minutes from Perth is a great learn to surf spot, and perfect on hot days when Easterly winds are blowing. The Back beach at Lancelin is usually uncrowded, and if you have a 4WD you can park right up at the breaks on the beach. Kids and beginners [...]

Top 10 Voted Best Beaches in Australia in 2015?

Date: February 27, 2016


Recently, at its 2015 Travellers’ Choice Awards, TripAdvisor released its annual list of the top 10 Australian beaches. Everyone has their favourite beaches they like to visit, sunbathe and swim at. You might not fully agree with the list below, but maybe it will inspire you for the next trip you go?   1. Whitehaven [...]

Best learn to surf beaches for beginners in Bali, Indonesia

Date: February 27, 2016


Bali is not just a tropical getaway for honeymooners or backpackers, it’s also a paradise for surfers, with some great surfing beaches for beginners to give surfing a go for the first time. Kuta Beach The island’s first ‘surfer’s beach’, Kuta was discovered as a surfers beach in 1936 by an American expat hotelier, who [...]