Situated from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours from the capital of Western Australia – Perth, there are a number of purpose built, sign-posted mountain bike tracks and trails that will suit a range of levels, from the novice to the expert rider.


Kalamunda MTB Trails

Scorpion Trail, part of Kalamunda MTB Trails
With over 44kms of fully sign-posted single-track, the Kalamunda Trails network is the biggest and most popular MTB destination in WA located on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Kalamunda. Being only a 40 minutes drive from the centre of Perth there are heaps of technical and flowing blue trails, easy beginner (green) trail networks to gain confidence and several black diamond trails to test even the seasoned rider.

Either park at the Camel Farm (great place to relax over a coffee afterwards and tell tales) and ride the original Kalamunda Circuit (22kms, about 1.5 hours), or park at The Dell and focus on the Mt Gunjin downhill trails. It is possible to shuttle the trail to the NE of Mount Gunjin (Judderbars, Lazarus & Loco en el Coco) by using the unsealed Gunjin Rd.

IMBA full circuit rating: Blue (Intermediate or More difficult)

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Marrinup MTB Trail

Log rollover, Marrinup MTB Trail
On the outskirts of Dwellingup, Marrinup is a super fun, family friendly 8km cross country (XC) loop suitable for all skill levels, especially perfect for children and novices looking to test their skills on single track with a shortened 2.5km loop option if they don’t want to ride the full loop. The track passes through Jarrah Forest and is mainly flat with a few gradual uphills and short downhill sections.

Within the shortened loop is possibly the best sections with a number of easy to handle jump lines, berms and tight forested sections.

Located near the site of an old POW camp, camping is also available at the trailhead.

IMBA rating: Green (Easy)
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Turner Hill Trail

Located 10km to the north of Dwellingup, the 11km Turner Hill track is one of the best, challenging XC trails in the state with numerous steep sections and lots of harder obstacles.

IMBA rated Blue, there are also several Black features including a whole jump line, ‘Double Trouble’. In addition to the 11 km loop there is a short-cut to reduce the loop to 5.5km and a new 1.1km Green kids trail near the trail start.

IMBA rating: Blue (More difficult)

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Langford Park

On the outskirts of the old timber town of Jarrahdale is a free-flowing signposted network of singletrack trails. With no major climbs, these trails are popular with beginners and more advanced riders alike.

In addition, there are toilets, picnic tables and free gas barbeques near the car park which makes this destination a great day out.

IMBA rating: Blue (More difficult)

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Forsyths Mill

Located just off of Gt Eastern Hwy 50km to the east of Perth, this short XC track that packs in loads of features with no real major climbs but a fair few of log rolls, bomb holes and jumps.

The final section back to the car park is fast, fun and free flowing and afterwards you wish the entire trail is as good as this section. As there is only one track, ride the loop a number of times to get the miles up, or park at nearby Chidlow town, warm up on the dirt jumps and ride out and back. For more advanced riders the ‘Legit’ will challenge them and there is also a kids (green) loop near to the car park.

IMBA rating: Blue (More difficult)

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The Goat Farm

Perth’s official Mountain Bike Park just outside of Midland at Greenmount, catering for Beginners to Experienced riders. Beginners will find it challenging but rewarding and are suggested to start on the skills park and then attempt the Blue Cruiser.

Not the most flowing trails at times but lots of technical features to learn on and the Downhill can be steep, fast and great fun.

The skills park is a fantastic area to tune that technique and gain confidence!

IMBA rating: Blue (More difficult) and Black (difficult)

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